Monday, July 2, 2007

We are going green!

I have been taking a look at the manuscript which explains the Corporate Responsibility of the Empire. As you most probably know the Kingdom is but one part of the Empire and it is the Empire (and the Emperor) that has the final say in most things.

The manuscript pinned on the Empire’s information tree stump is two years old but methinks is a fair indication of current thinking. I quote the Emperor:-

Each division is charged with a responsibility to minimise the impacts of business on
the environment…………………….However, we are not complacent and there is an absolute commitment to do more to fulfil the social and environmental targets we are setting for the years ahead.

Now that all sounds well and good. There are glowing reports on how the Empire is going Green at a rapid rate. We have course have been green here at the castle for years….we must have been to put up with it all!! But that is another story.

Back to the plot…sorry discussion. Now let us be fair….many initiatives have indeed resulted in a more environmentally friendly Empire but there is one item of concern that still needs attention.

I just say this…..are the horses used by the Emperor and other nobles the most efficient when it comes to feed bags? For example does the King really need a very large horse to transport him across the streets of fair London town? And I would suspect that the Emperor himself hardly makes do with a mere mule.

In short, is it possible that emissions could be reduced to limit the amount of horse shit that pollutes the atmosphere?

I just put forward the question….I do not pretend to have an answer………

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Anonymous said...

Come on chaps??? Whilst we may not be in a position to interact very much please don't let this blog fade away,you are our only hope of ever escaping the Madness of King Alex - hundreds of us are relying you, please don't let us down...