Sunday, April 22, 2007


I have bitten the bullet (actually that should probably be arrow) and visited the castle for the fair. True to his word, the King has blindfolded all the participating nobles who are all from foreign lands.

I still worry though. I answered all the questions my good lords asked me but when I reviewed my completed parchment I realised it was not as anonymous as it seemed.

If there was such a devil’s instrument in existence capable of taking all the parchments and reporting in such a way that one’s identity might be revealed by admission of age or sex or department I might be very worried.

But that’s all witchcraft and nonsense.

Isn’t it?


Isn’t it??

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Much the Miller's Son said...

Bloody ‘ell Rep. Dost thou think the varlets would truly be so scheming? Ye are either very cynical or the peasants are na├»ve. It’s probably a bit of both methinks!

BTW. This blog is a bit of fun if nothing else. A couple of times it’s made me chuckle. Keep it up, you may not be getting many comments but a lot of people are starting to read it. Probably more people than read the NML intranet!