Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Miller Responds

After reading the comment on the last post the Miller himself fired an arrow at his son's arse with the following message attached.

Hey! Son! For Christ’s sake get back inside this hovel. How many times have I told you about going out and irritating the fucking nobles? Here I am grinding me grains for all I’m worth just to provide a home for you and the other 15 brats and you go out trying to piss off the gentry.

I work dawn to dusk just pay for your private lessons on basic forelock touching and this all the thanks I get. Ungrateful sod! If you think I am going to pay for you to go to Nottingham Uni to get that BA in Grovelling and Servility you have another think coming! You would only be another typical bloody student anyway. Piss all your groats up against the wall and never do a day of work. Bit like the nobility really but without any class.

And while we are having a heart to heart - this bollocks you keep harping on about - this joining a band – it isn’t going to happen. What sort of crap name is Robin and the Merrie Men anyway????

Love Dad.


Much the Miller's Son said...

It hurt as well. I think email is better than an arrow in your bum.

Anonymous said...

you know, me thinks you were right the first should be King Alex and Prince Michael, if Michael were King surely he would do something about this sorry realm??