Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Artists And The Carts

Has it been four years already? My horse and cart is up for renewal. It looks like I can have the same choice of horse and cart as I did before. I can have a choice of colour (black, grey, pinto, piebald) so that’s fine except………

Word has reached the castle that in another part of the realm far far away from our blighted land, the artists (a disreputable bunch in any castle - but fellow serfs none the less) are to have bigger carts and bigger horses. The artists have been saying that their easels have got bigger, their paint brushes longer, their palettes more numerous and that they need bigger carts to take the load.

The artists are sending out arrows to all parts of the kingdom with the message that their Prince is bountiful and loved by all….one might say that they are extracting the urine from their fellow serfs in other Princedoms…..boasting of their success and making merry at the expense of other artists who cannot have a bigger horse and cart due to their own Prince’s reduction in the feed and tack budget!

If one Princedom needs bigger carts for its artists should not all other artists in the kingdom be getting bigger carts, even if they sometimes have to share them? Are not their easels, paint brushes and palettes of equal size?

And….now that I come to think about it…within the last four years my quills have grown, I now carry a writing case and the legal books I need to avoid committing anything to paper of a libellous nature are numerous. It’s as good a case as the artists put forward so should I not also be given a bigger horse and cart??

Perhaps I should petition the King?


Man Of Hull said...

I am not wishing to sound like a thicko but by artists you do mean photographers?

I heard the Bristol guys were after this so have they actually got it? I assume this will happen at all centres or is there a tough chapel in the west?

The Reporter said...

To be serious for a moment. This blog is mainly a bit of fun but, of course, I would like to encourage discussion about the company as a whole.

I have been told by one of our colleagues in the west region that he feels that they have succeeded in improving the cars allocated to them. The reason, ostensibly, is that the current cars are not big enough to take all the equipment they have. I assume that his confidence is justified but that is my only source at the moment.

If anyone has any more information please feel free to comment!